Promotion and

Guided tours

Legambiente is strongly committed to supporting a land use that is both responsible and respectful of the environmental and cultural values. To achieve such goal, network of footpaths, thematic routes and visitor centers have been created, and nature walks and awareness campaigns have been promoted.

In the six nature reserves, various nature trails have been created with a total length of over 30 km. The trails are provided with didactic sing posts and information about the environmental values ​​of the territory. The number of visitors inside the caves is strictly limited to protect the vulnerable underground equilibrium and the cave-dwelling fauna, as well as for management and safety needs.

The nature reserves entrusted to Legambiente are also involved in promoting environmental awareness, through guide books, brochures and information material, promotional events, including online meetings.

The Castle of Rampinzeri: visitor center of the reserve of Santa Ninfa Cave

The Municipality of Santa Ninfa used European funds for the organization of protected natural areas, paid by the Regional Territory and Environment Department, to purchase and restore the Castle of Rampinzeri, an old “Baglio” (courtyard building) dating back to the 1600s. Part of this building has been entrusted to Legambiente. At present, inside the Castle are the offices of the nature reserve, the visitor center and the environmental education center, which offer important services for promoting land and nature, focusing on a new kind of development based on the preservation and enhancement of environmental and cultural assets.

Access for all

Legambiente promotes a “for all” use, in order to offer exciting excursions even to the disabled, so often precluded from visiting natural areas.

With the help of the Italian Union of Blind, some routes of the “Macalube of Aragona” reserve were adapted for the partially sighted and blind, by making signs and brochures in Braille, touchable maps and models, and discovery rooms. Inside the Santa Ninfa Cave a barrier-free nature-path has been created.  Finally, the video of the “Carburangeli Cave” reserve was made using sign language as well.


During summer, hundreds of young volunteers, with enthusiasm and spirit of service, give a helping hand to the management of the nature reserves performing various activities such as: surveillance, information on the environmental values of the sites, supporting the workers of the reserves in monitoring and taking care of the territory. It is an important experience of active participation that contributes to achieving significant results in the management of nature reserves.

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