local socioeconomic development

As it is certain that protected natural areas represent an extraordinary chance for territories and local communities, Legambiente promotes within its nature reserves socioeconomic development projects, based on the preservation and enhancement of environmental and cultural resources, on the recovery of traditional activities, aimed as well to promoting agritourist activities and quality farming, in cooperation with residents or with organizations operating in this field.

Particularly important programs are:

  • training and involvement of local young people who cooperate in the environmental use and education activities that are performed in the natural reserves;
  • indemnification for loss of income and the creation of a cooperative of young local farmers in charge of fire prevention and land renaturalization in the “Macalube” nature reserve at Aragona;
  • a memorandum of understanding signed with an agritourist firm in the nature reserve of “Santa Ninfa Cave” in order to regulate, promote and direct accommodation business in a sustainable way;
  • support for multi-functional farming in the “Sfondato Lake” nature reserve, where land maintenance has been assigned to resident farmers.

Moreover, Legambiente adheres to Local Action Groups (LAGs), Tourist Districts and networks that work for land enhancement and promotion, with the goal of creating synergies between the various subjects and supporting the suggested projects.

“Belicina”: the Museum and Nature Network of the Belice Valley

In order to more effectively promote the entire area of the Belice Valley, Legambiente has supported the origin of the Belicina Museum and Nature Network, a system that aims to coordinate museums and nature reserves in an integrated way. About 30 museums managed by public and private entities, 2 archaeological sites (Selinunte and Segesta) and 2 nature reserves (including the “Santa Ninfa Cave”) have joined the network.

The “Valley of the Temples” Tourist Consortium

Since 2012, Legambiente has joined the “Valley of the Temples” Tourist Consortium, which works to promote the area of Agrigento through the enhancement of interesting areas both from a naturalistic and cultural point of view, with the intention of activating cooperation and integration steps.

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