About us

Since 1996 Legambiente Sicilia has been managing the following nature reserves: the Island of Lampedusa (AG), Macalube of Aragona (AG), S. Angelo Muxaro Cave (AG), Santa Ninfa Cave (TP), Carburangeli Cave (PA) and Sfondato Lake (CL), with the aim of preserving and improving natural environments, promoting scientific research, diffusing awareness of the natural assets. We want to demonstrate, through actual field experiences, that protected natural areas, besides preserving the most delicate and threatened ecosystems, are also a tool for cultural growth and sustainable development for local communities.

Founded in 1980, Legambiente is one of the most widespread Italian environmental associations (about 1,000 local groups, 20 regional committees and over 115,000 members); in Sicily there are more than 40 local groups. Approved by the Ministry of the Environment, it is part of the BEE (Bureau Européen de l’Environment), of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program). It publishes an annual report on the state of the environment in Italy, organizes environmental monitoring and awareness campaigns (Green Schooner, Clean up the World, Mal’Aria, The Tree Festival, Clean up the Med, etc.), and supports volunteering and instructive programs. Together with the Observatory for Environment and Legality and the Legal Action Centers, it fights environmental violations. It manages natural oases and centers for environmental education; its mission is to safeguard and enhance the territory, increase the awareness and sensitivity of the younger generations.

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