Riserva Naturale

Macalube di Aragona

Information and Services

Zone A of the Reserve (i.e. the area of the mini-volcanos and of the Mediterranean ponds) is exclusively dedicated to scientific research, and human enjoyment is not permitted, in accordance with the ordinance D.D.G. n. 633 of 20/07/2015 (Regional Territory and Environment Department, Regional Environment Department).

Excursions are allowed only in the pre-reserve zone B.

For information and booking contact the nature reserve office.

Since 2012, the Macalube of Aragona nature reserve has joined the Valle of the Temples Tourist Consortium, which promotes the area of Agrigento through the improvement of sites of naturalistic and cultural interest, in order to start cooperation and integration actions.

How to get there

To visit the reserve it is necessary to reach the town of Aragona (km 56 of the SS 189 Agrigento – Palermo) and follow the existing directions or contact the reserve office (the protected area is located 4 km SW of Aragona).

By bus it is possible to reach the town of Aragona with the bus lines that operate on the Agrigento – Palermo route.

It is also possible to reach Aragona by train, both from Palermo and Catania; the station of Aragona is about two kilometers from the town.

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